As the cost of press advertising increases, so the need to innovative the advertising process needs to be streamlined to incorporate the new ideas and technology that smart phones and the internet present us.


Press advertising is important as it reaches a critical audience, but the cost of press advertising can be substantially reduced by the use of QR codes – see example below.


And that is what we do, we write a comprehensive tender advertisements from the client’s brief, present it to the client for approval and then prepare a compact advertisement, incorporating a QR code for placement in the press. The comprehensive version of the advertisement is placed on this site, even though you can’t see it and, needless to say it saves the advertiser a substantial amount of money.


We are also in the process of developing a screening process that will assist advertisers in analysing those who respond to the advertisement, something we believe will prove highly popular as there is no doubting that many of those responding to tenders really shouldn’t have done so as they just don’t qualify.


We place advertisements in all press and on all platforms – economy and relevance of response is our objective, and we believe that we are very successful in that regards.

Point your camera at the QR code

Scan the QR code

The QR code will load instantly

You will be brought to the advert directly

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