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How It All Works

  • Background Information
  • Screening Excercise  

    Background Information

    The E-Tenders website utilises technology to screen potential bidders. Screening is based on a number of criteria. Some of the criteria used are specifically related to your company such as BEE rating, staff count and location of your company’s offices. A screening assessment will also be used to further confirm your company’s suitability for the relevant tenders. These screening assessments are specifically related to each tender and will need to be completed for each tender your company applies for.


    Screening Exercise

    The screening exercise that you will complete is used to determine if your company pre-qualifies to submit a tender. It is based on core requirements of the tender your company wishes to submit a tender for. The exercise will assist with the evaluation of your company’s suitability and is only part of the selection process. The final selection decision will however take into consideration a variety of relevant factors, including this screening exercise.




    For further enquiries or assistance, please email info@thenicheagency.co.za